A flower postcard ready to go out in the wild


I made a new postcard today. It is this flower one, that is all ready to go out in the wild and make someone happy. I don’t usually draw flowers, and now I realize I maybe should have spent more time on drawing flowers, since this drawing really calmed me down while I drew it.

What do you think about it?


10 thoughts on “A flower postcard ready to go out in the wild

  1. aloha Innah.

    very cool on making postcards.

    you just liked one of my posts. what i have not been saying or tagging in my posts this February is that most of the post images are made to postcard size. so your interest in postcards caught my eye.

    two thoughts on your postcard(s). i’d encourage you to do two every time you create a postcard. they can be basically the same or slightly different. then when you send one out, also keep one for yourself. this way you will have a collection of your own work to remember the one that you sent out into the world.

    also. maybe you know about etegami (it may help with the question of card or letter). if not, i invite and encourage you to look into it. you can find it online. i find it fascinating. and fun.

    have fun. aloha.


    1. Aloha Rick.
      Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me.
      You have right, I should take a copy of my art to myself too, which I haven’t done before, and even though I have pictures, it is not the same.
      And also, the etegami art. To be honest, I haven’t heard of it, but I did a research online and it seems really fun, and I’ll try that for sure in my next postcards.
      Thank you for encouraging me to do this, and for thinking what I do is good.
      Best wishes,

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